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Packages & Pricing

Choose the Package That's Right for You

At Realeyesation, we're dedicated to enhancing understanding and inclusivity. Our carefully curated packages are tailored to meet various learning needs, ensuring your journey towards accessibility is both informative and transformative. Select the package that resonates with your goals, providing the tools and insights to make a lasting impact. Each package is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to foster a more accessible world.

Interactive Braille Course

Mastering accessibility through tactile literacy ...

£500 + £18 per head

This course includes:

  • Interactive Learning

  • Comprehensive Understanding

    • Alphabet & Grammar​

  • Reading Skills

  • Writing Proficiency

  • Effective Communication

  • Certificate of Completion

Assistive Tech & Sight Loss Simulator

Empathy-driven interactions for inclusive experiences...

£995 + £12 per head

This course includes:

  • Holistic Accessibility Training

  • Assistive Tech Implementation

  • Hands-on Simulation Experience

  • Legal Compliance

  • Workplace Adaptation

  • Navigating Tasks

  • Certificate of Completion

Public Speaking

Catalysing change through personal narratives and expertise ...

£950 per event

This includes:

  • My personal Narrative

  • Catalysing Awareness

  • Championing Inclusivity

  • Or any other topic of your choice

We Also Offer the


Student Advice
Family & Friends Day
Get Started

for students

£30 one off payment

Get Started


£120 per session

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